At the F-Word, we accept submissions that embody our mission of supporting and giving power to voices that further the mission of equality for all. You can read more about our mission statement here. We publish a wide variety of genres, ranging from poetry, prose, experimental writing, and academic writing, to traditional and contemporary art, and more. We also accept submissions in languages other than English, and encourage you to review our past issues to get an idea for our work.

The F-Word publishes twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and pieces submitted before our fall deadline are considered for publication in either the fall or spring edition of the magazine. For our Fall issue, we publish shorter pieces of poetry and prose, and black and white art. For our Spring issue, we publish pieces up to five pages double-spaced, including academic works, and colored art.

If we can print it, submit it!

Submission Requirements:

All written submissions must be emailed to in a Word document. PDF’s will not be accepted.

If submitting a piece for the blog, be sure to include “BLOG” in the subject line.

Blog submissions may be in the form of a completed piece or a pitch for a piece you are planning on writing.

FALL DEADLINE: November 4th, 2019

SPRING DEADLINE: March 18th, 2020