Artist’s Statement

This is a zine examining jeans as a product and embodiment of social relations in a global capitalist system. My immediate inspiration was the impending deadline for the final project of David Kazanjian’s seminar, “What is Capitalism? The Theories of Marx and Marxism.” But I was also dying to make a zine after my friend (Francesca, a fellow F-Word board member!) introduced them to me. Zines are a hand-made, DIY, self-published book(let) that can be on anything and everything. I was so excited to try out a form with so much freedom and potential (and I’m still excited!). This zine focuses specifically on jeans as a commodity because of their ubiquity and universality—almost everyone has a pair, so just about everyone should relate. Overall, this zine works to understand commodification and exploitation under capitalism, and attempts to answer what we can do with this information.

Posted by:Megan Lentz

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