Here are the new additions to the F-Word Editorial Board’s Spotify playlist.

We update this playlist monthly, and aim to feature a variety of artists, genres, and themes. The goal—to promote music that empowers, excites, and inspires us.

Find October’s additions here.

If you have a song or artist you are interested in having featured on the playlist, please comment below or contact us!

Featured songs on October’s playlist:

Rules, by Doja Cat
Photo: Instagram / @dojacat
Gurenge, by LiSA
Photo: Instagram / @xlisa_olivex
20, by Annie DiRusso
Photo: Instagram / @anniedirusso
Fidelity, by Regina Spektor
Photo: Instagram / @reginaspektor

Cinnamon, by Hayley Williams 
Photo: Instagram / @yelyahwilliams
Physical, by Dua Lipa
Photo: Instagram / @dualipa

To Be Young, Gifted, and Black, by Nina Simone 
Photo: Instagram / @ninasimone
Ghost Duet, by Louie Zong
Photo: Twitter / @everydaylouie

Not pictured:

  • WAP (Ben Shapiro Remix), by Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion and Ben Shapiro
  • Promises, by NERO
  • Closer, by Teagan and Sara
  • exile, by Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver
  • Anybody Seen My Baby?, by The Rolling Stones
  • Think, by Aretha Franklin
  • Hard Out Here, by Lily Allen
  • Freedom, by Beyonce ft. Kendrick Lamar
Posted by:The F-Word Magazine Staff

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